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Responding To Responsive Design

Today, the digital trinity (laptop, tablet, phone) rules our personal and professional lives. As marketers, we know this and ensure that content is seamlessly migrated from platform to platform.

But is responsive design the right response? Can it be successful without a well-thought-out content strategy? We think not.

After all, people interact with different platforms in different ways. So paying attention to how content is migrated is crucial.

Take The Economist. Visit their site on a laptop and you’ll get full text… but visit them on Flipboard and you’ll be prompted to listen along instead. This aligns their content with the physical context in which it’s delivered.

But maybe that’s not enough. New research suggests that consumers are abandoning multiple tabs in favor of multiple devices, assigning certain content to certain ones.

So. The million-dollar questions: Do our content strategies still fall short? Shouldn’t we be delivering device-specific content?