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Surrounded By Story

Where technology goes, marketers follow. And as advances in virtual reality continue to push (and occasionally obliterate) the envelope, we’re able to create brand experiences across multiple dimensions—and multiple senses.

From Jordan’s Furniture’s 1992 Motion Odyssey Movie   to Game of Thrones’ 2014 Ascend the Wall  exhibit, our forays into interactive experiences are growing increasingly complex.

Today, those 4D experiences are challenging our notion of what’s possible. Consider the airport climate portal  that lets you feel the weather you’ll find at your destination city. Or the VR mask that lets you explore virtual worlds through smell and simulated wind, heat, mist and vibration.

And as 360-degree storytelling becomes more realistic, more immersive and more affordable, it’ll enable marketers to take brands into truly uncharted territory.

Oh, the places we’ll go.