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The Rise of Drone-vertising

Drones are a hot topic. We hear about them all the time. But this new(ish) technology isn’t just for national defense. They’ve been reduced, reused, repurposed — for the advertising industry.

Meet GauravJit “Raj” Singh, founder of DroneCast. He envisions a world where drone banner ads are commonplace. And he’s doing his part to get us there.

Just this past July his drones worked the BeachGlow Music Festival in Jersey, filming the show and dropping merch into the crowd. Not bad, right?

And he’s not the only one jumping on the drone bandwagon. In the UK, Domino’s uses them to deliver pizza. In South Africa, beer deliveries are the thing. Nice.

Could this be the future of marketing in the making?


Drones have yet to be fully regulated in public airspace. And as UTexas advertising professor Neal Burns points out, it would only take one injurious incident to sour public opinion and ruin the industry.

So companies like DroneCast are taking a real gamble. But given the way the winds are blowing, there’s a good chance it’ll pay off.