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What Is Twitter Worth?

Twitter. With over 218 million active users, it’s safe to say it’s a force. But a force of what? What exactly is this thing?

After all, it doesn’t have a business model. Before going public, Twitter had dug itself into a $645 million hole. Even now, its reported earnings per share are only $0.02.

That said, Twitter does have value…though it’s far less quantifiable than cold hard cash.

Simply put, it gives a voice to the people. It gives everyone in the world instant access to a global audience.

It’s powerful stuff and it’s changing lives.

When these guys fell off a cliff in the Alps, Twitter was there. When this guy’s car was hijacked and he was thrown into his trunk, Twitter was there

Profitable or not, its value is undeniable.

Are we looking at the first global broadcasting system? A public service that governments should sponsor?