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When Social Goes South

So, you’re having a social media emergency.

Something went wrong. People are angry. And now one false move is threatening to undermine all the work you’ve put into carefully curating your posts and building your brand.

Can you avoid total disaster? Indeed you can:

1. Respond! There’s no hiding from the Internet’s all-seeing eye. Address the situation or watch it spiral out of control.

2. Own it, own it, own it. When you respond, don’t make excuses. Apologize. Immediately.

3. Know the situation. Generally, humor is your friend. (The Red Cross cracked a few jokes about a “rogue tweet” and made one of the best social media saves in years.) But some things are no laughing matter. And in those cases, trying to be funny can come off as flippant or insensitive… and can make the situation (much) worse.

In the end, we’re only human. We make mistakes. But when we acknowledge our missteps with a little humor and humility, we’re likely to be forgiven.