Adweek NYC 2018

*Note* This blab will continuously update with recaps from Adweek’s 2018 conference in New York City.
Day 1 Recap
“You can’t actually buy brand loyalty; you have to earn it.” Richard Edelman talks about the inability to buy your way into consumer’s mind share. Watch The Video   Carolyn Everson, FB VP Global Marketing Solutions, avoided talking about what the data breaches mean for marketers…“Please don’t bring up Facebook” was said by an agency CEO before a panel. Read The Article   Cannabis is the new product no one knows what to do with. Marketers begin to imagine how it will manifest. Learn More   Apple might be softening to wary marketers seeking clean, well-lit environments. “…Publishers, burned by Facebook, are now looking with no small amount of optimism to Apple, which has quietly wooed publishers over the past year with a small team of its own Apple News editorial staff.” Full Story Here  
Day 2 Recap
OTT is having its day… “OTT is TV. It’s just a different way of delivering the same shows and movies and sports that people have always watched.” “This makes it difficult to separate out OTT in a marketer’s budget,” says Hulu’s director of ad sales research, Asaf Davidov. Digital is taking some hits on Quality Control and privacy, with Google and Facebook taking most of the blame. Continued Coverage   During Adweek Elevate, Burger King, a master of social experiments playing with customers, unveiled its new anti-bullying ad/experiment; there was not a dry eye in the house. Check It Out   Panel highlight of the day; Sean Bryan, Co-Chief Creative Officer, McCann New York spoke at the Adweek panel Tech Not Tiaras: How Our Industry is Building Tomorrow’s STEM Workforce (And how you can help), along with leaders from Ad Council, GE and IBM. Stream The Seminars Live  
Day 3 Recap
It is all about going beyond the ads these days.  Publishers and agencies alike are creating “content studios” to meet the demand for needing fresh things to say while bringing value to audiences. See The Collaborations   This Adweek video below discusses the effect of streetwear on high fashion and how brands get insights from far beyond the fashion world itself. Just another way culture is driving the conversation. Watch The Video   Panel highlight: Foursquare talked about how technology has brought us closer to customers, having the ability to locate them, their behaviors and customize ads and experiences. Google, OMD and Lilly were participants in the panel. LRXD agency in Denver released impactful spots about Day 1 of addiction recovery. “Rarely do we see a truthful depiction of the journey to sobriety and that, to some extent, is understandable: it can be difficult and downright heartbreaking to watch. But the truth is that while achieving sobriety is tough, it is entirely possible with the right (and necessary) support system. With that in mind, a new campaign titled Break the Cycle, from Denver’s Face It Together addiction support center and creative agency LRXD, aims to shift the focus from sobriety itself to the supportive tools necessary to maintain wellness.” More On The Discussion  
Day 4 Recap
Overall compared to past years, I found the week’s media coverage to be very anemic.  Perhaps the ongoing chaos of the broader news cycle has lessened attention to more trivial things like Advertising? Adweek themselves have yet to release the 2018 wrap up video one week out from the end date. With that said, below are a couple related videos to catch some of the Adweek 2018 vibe and takeaways:   Digital privacy and brand safety are just as prevalent as ever.  OpenX chief communications and brand officer Dallas Lawrence sits down with CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group, Mike Zaneis. The two discuss the current state of trust in digital advertising, global quality standards and the role of brand security Insights from TAG: Full Video   SAP Next Gen Innovation Labs shared this Adweek highlight reel from the “GirlsLounge”. Maybe next year they can just have more female panelists so we don’t have to create specific events for inclusion: Highlights   For a limited time, anyone can watch any seminar at no cost, check it out here: Adweek Replay