In A World Full Of Fish, Be A Shark

May 27, 2020

Motivating words from two very inspiring people


There are nearly 500 species of shark. Sharks don’t sleep. They have a 6th sense, something of a second sight. They are massive, they are smart, and some are downright weird looking.

Sharks cannot swim backwards. They cannot stop swimming or else they won’t survive. It takes motivation, determination and mental strength to move forward not only for a shark, but for us humans. This mindset is displayed in two incredibly moving speeches delivered by William McRaven, US Navy Admiral, and Walter Bond, the first undrafted rookie free agent to be a starter in the history of the NBA.

As you read the synopses below, think about how you currently strategize your life, face your fears, choose who you surround yourself with and how you work with your peers and your clients. Then tap into this mindset, watch the speeches and think again.

William McRaven, US Navy Admiral

He talks about Navy Seal training and the physical and mental harassment his class endured, through sleepless nights, bone chilling weather and mud. Lots of mud. He talks about a night swim off the shores of San Clemente, surrounded by sharks, and being mentally trained to stand your ground and not act afraid.

William’s Seal class started at 150 men and ended at 42. He talks about Seal training being a great equalizer. It didn’t matter what your color was, what your ethnic background was, what your education level was or what your social status was. Nothing mattered to those men but the will to succeed.

William talks about feeling pride and encouragement from such a small task like making your bed every morning. He talks about the power of hope, to respect everyone, to measure a person by the size of their heart, to embrace failure, to step up when times are tough and never, ever give up. Motivation, determination and mental strength.

Walter Bond

He talks about being recruited to play basketball in college and his mental and physical struggles throughout his time there. He constantly asked his coach what he had to do to play in the NBA and leaned on his dad for support. He’d given up through the years, he broke his foot, he was offered a well-paying hospital job, but his dad kept him accountable on going after his NBA dream. Walter’s dad was a shark and he was his suckerfish.

Walter said if you are connected to the right shark, you can become a shark. And that he did. He changed his appearance and improved his game. He took an honest assessment of what his weaknesses were which catapulted him to the next level. Most importantly, he changed his mindset and made his dream a reality. Motivation, determination and mental strength.

Change your mindset. Believe. Respect. Be the best leader, communicator, listener, mentor, marketer, entrepreneur, boss, co-worker, caregiver, spouse, parent, neighbor, friend, person that you can be. Think, behave and act like a shark. Except for the no-sleeping thing, you’ll need that.