With more than 4,000 developers from 96 countries, F8 again brought breakthrough technology and the vision of future social media to the world. Check out our recap of the hot topics!   ERA OF AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) AR is for sure the highlight for F8 2017. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will make the camera the first augmented reality platform. The development of 3D effects, object recognition and precision location will allow users to put virtual objects in the real world. Brands will be able to insert virtual tags of product information to enhance the shopping experience. Read more here OPEN CAMERA EFFECT PLATFORM By opening up the developing platform of camera effect, Facebook wants to leave the fun to the crowd. Users can create their own effects in the Frame Studio and AR Studio and share with their friends. Read more here SMARTER MESSENGER Facebook released a discover function for users to explore Chatbot. Meanwhile, Smart Replies will be able to capture essential information from the company website to reduce the initial investment in Chatbot, which has long been a hassle for small business. The Parametric QR code will also allow brand to provide needed information and continue interaction with the audience during and post the events. Read more here MEET VIRTUALLY ON FACEBOOK Family and friends will be able to meet, party and even travel together virtually on Facebook Space. Facebook tried to redefine the way of communication, but the fact that additional equipment is required might be a potential barrier for the mass consumer. Read more here STRONGER FACEBOOK ANALYTICS New Facebook analytics allow brands to have strong analysis capability to connect data across channels and to enhance remarketing ability by deeper understanding of conversion paths. Read more here CONNECT THE COMMUNITIES AND GROW THE AUDIENCE Seeing the potential of growth of audience and the pain point of urban internet connection, Facebook has been dedicated to bringing Internet accessibility and connecting the world through project Aquila and Terragraph and Tether-tenna. Read more here ARENA WITH SNAPCHAT Facebook announced the 3D effect and face filter of the camera hours after Snapchat’s release of new 3D lense and filter, both allowing users to add virtual objective to real world scenario. Snap Inc. positioned itself as a camera company while Facebook also put camera as the primary interface of augment reality; we are excited to continue monitoring who will excel in the battle space. Read more here WITNESS THE CONCERN On 4/16, a video of a planned murder was live on Facebook for more than 2 hours. Mark Zuckerberg expressed his condolences in F8. Justin Osofsky (VP of Facebook) also said that Facebook will improve the reviewing process to ensure such content is flagged faster. Who should be responsible for the tragedy? Facebook and other social media encourage people to share and create a platform for people to perform in public. How can these platforms better prevent themselves from being a tool of criminals will be the next thorny challenge. Read more here