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December 13, 2018

There’s good news and bad news for what’s to come in 2019 according to Isabelle Roughol and Laura Lorenzetti Soper of LinkedIn along with business and academic leaders, authors and journalists from a variety of verticals. Here are 5 of the 50 big ideas to scratch your head over.


It’s Generation Z’s time to shine

In 2019, Gen Z’s (born from 1997 onward) will outnumber Millennials. “For the first time in modern history five generations will be working side-by-side,” says Michael Dell, CEO and chairman of Dell Technologies. Gen Z’s will be about one-third of the global population and one-fifth of its workers. Author Brené Brown has half a staff made up of Gen Z’s. “They are all very different people, but as a group I experience them as curious, hopeful, always learning, painfully attuned to the suffering in the world, and anxious to do something about it.”


Finally, time spent online will surpass TV engagement

People across the globe are turning away from traditional media, according to Viacom President and CEO, Bob Bakish. “For Viacom, that has meant expanding its intellectual property across many platforms or creating shows for third-party streaming sites… It’s a year of a mixed economy and a mixed ecosystem. And that’s the world of the future.”


Occupy Silicon Valley

We likely won’t see people camped outside headquarters in Menlo Park, but people will begin deleting accounts and refusing to play their part in those companies’ business models, warns customer experience expert, Don Peppers. “More people than ever will install and use ad blockers, decline surveys and opt out of cookies as 2019 develops into a banner year for privacy protection apps, data blockers and other security services.”


Humanity is #1 care in the workplace

Creativity and soft skills are becoming all the more important because that’s what cannot be taken away by robots. LinkedIn data shows the fastest-growing skills gaps are related to soft skills: oral communication tops the list, followed by people management, time management or leadership.


Say bye bye to hotel alarm clocks

“It used to be a real treat to go to a hotel because they had things you didn’t have at home.” says Marriott International’s global chief development officer, Anthony Capuano. “…we expect everything we have at home to work at the hotel too, whether that’s connecting our own devices to the TV screen or continuing a Netflix show. Meanwhile, the technologies we no longer use that hotels have stubbornly held onto are finally disappearing.”



Big Ideas 2019

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