Having a heart as a brand

February 13, 2019

People have a passion for corporate responsibility

  1. Customers expect it and patronize companies because of it
  2. Millennials demand it
  3. Job seekers desire it
  4. Employees appreciate it

Having a heart is not for the faint of heart

  1. Corporate social responsibility should be a long-term endeavor
  2. Commitment needs to start from the C-suite to be successful and engage employees
  3. CSR can be both charitable as well as issue/cause-related, which can be polarizing
  4. Taking a stand can sometimes mean turning away revenue streams
  5. Remember that social media can broadcast your efforts – positive or negative – in record time

CSR can pump the profits as well as the love for a brand

  1. When employees take pride in their company, employee satisfaction rises and loyalty grows
  2. Loyal employees and customers have a positive impact on the bottom line

Your aim must be true

  1. Your efforts must be authentic and be part of your DNA
  2. Marketing your efforts is acceptable, but should not be heavy-handed (or the major part of your initiatives)

Corporate social responsibility is not new, but becoming more important with new generations entering the workforce and for employee and customer satisfaction. Done correctly, CSR can have a significant impact on society as well as your business. That’s something to take to heart