Millennial Moments

February 28, 2017

Millennials seem to be the topic of conversation in the boardroom, at the family dinner table and across multiple news and social channels. As the largest of the five generations in the workforce, a few of the other four generations struggle with how to communicate and how to motivate the Millennial generation. Time to take your own filters off!

As with most target segments one size does not fit all.

Yes, Millennials think texting is having a conversation, yes, they consume all of their content digitally and their devices are their life, yes many do not want to work the hours of their parents but no, they are not all lazy and entitled. Many want to be successful and work hard, want to have longevity with one company but those that do want flexibility, creativity and a feeling of empowerment and ownership; Don’t be afraid to follow their lead.

It is still important to have one set of core values; one just has to understand Millennials may live those values based on their own motivations. Our company’s core values are: Collaboration, Transparency, Problem Solving, Curiosity and Efficiency.  With the exception of transparency, how employees choose to collaborate, problem solve, demonstrate curiosity and deliver efficiency can be achieved in various rooms, technologies, face to face, across channels, during different times of day but that’s OK; if you observe, you will find many nuggets that fuel innovation and business success.

Is there such a thing as retention? Millennials have a tendency to focus on their individual career needs and continually look for the next best opportunity. Choosing a new job is often influenced by non-monetary factors.  Work/Life balance, snacks, philanthropy, unlimited vacation, socializing.  For companies to keep their best Millennial talent they have to create forums for frequent open dialogue and feedback to ensure Millennials and their employers are being transparent based on mutual needs. The job function itself is not enough: culture and being part of defining the company’s culture go a long way to retaining Millennials.

Listen, they want to be heard, most importantly you may learn a few things that can enhance the course you are on!