Mobile Advertising: The Digital Juggernaut

April 25, 2018

The growth of digital advertising has pushed mobile’s share of total US ad spending to a new level with no projection of slowing down. According to eMarketer, this year “mobile will account for 69.9% of all digital advertising”, accounting for a “33.9% share of total US ad spend.” 

“Advertisers are pouring dollars into mobile due to growing mobile commerce activity.
Conversions from mobile display ad placements have already surpassed those of desktop.”
Corey McNair, forecasting analyst at eMarketer



In 2018, we will see mobile surpass TV ad spending for the first time with close to half of paid media spending being accounted for by digital mediums. Mobile is on pace to reach an unheard of share of 47.9% of total US ad spend by 2022. TV projects to bear the most significant impact as they slip to just a quarter of total spending while print advertising gets cut in half.

“As time spent on mobile surpassed desktop back in 2014, the shift of digital ad dollars to mobile is long established — but mobile’s eclipse of traditional TV is significant in terms of how marketers plan their budgets. It also underscores that consumers today perform the widest array of functions on their smartphones: Not only do they talk, text, check social media, and search the web, but they also watch videos and even TV content on platforms like the mobile apps for Netflix and HBOGo.” – GeoMarketing

In a world of automation and instant gratification, with endless information and connections just a click away, there seems to be no slowing down of digital disruption and it will continue to shape how companies reach consumers of all ages for the foreseeable future.

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