The Aerospace Corporation

Recruiting Engineers in a Highly Competitive Environment

The Assignment: Talent Acquisition

Create a recruitment campaign that would appeal to a new generation of scientists and engineers.

The Challenge

To get to the heart of why young people should work at The Aerospace Corporation, we needed to understand what millennials were looking for in a career in A&D—and what unique opportunities the company could offer them within the industry.

Our Solution

We interviewed employees and interns throughout the Aerospace Corporation to gather insights for a multichannel campaign that delivered a powerful message about the organization’s unique offerings and culture: The right place to touch every part of the U.S. space enterprise. The right path toward a career working alongside the best and brightest in the industry. The right purpose for anyone seeking to make a difference.


The 9.2 MM impression for this campaign drove 9,300+ unique, new visitors to the recruitment website.  These visitors spent more than 5800 hours with the hero video with a 61 percent completion rate.

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