Programmatic Media – Stronger Than Ever

April 27, 2017

Programmatic accounts for 80% of today’s US display spending. By 2019, that spending will reach over $45 billion, according to a study by eMarketer.

But why?

According to Lauren Fisher, a programmatic analyst at eMarketer, it is not about the automated buying process that’s most appealing, but instead about the access, quality and accuracy of real-time audience data.

Through the advancements of programmatic technology, a more streamlined process has developed, which makes it quicker and easier for buyers to access inventory and for sellers to offer audience data. Data is refreshed much more frequently than ever before, which allows for buyers and sellers to interact only with the freshest data out there.

Programmatic not only casts a wide net over a large quantity of people, but through niche targeting capabilities, also reaches qualified people that may not have been reachable through direct, endemic buys. Programmatic models are becoming more intelligent each day, which helps to minimize a tremendous amount of waste.

Through analysis of programmatic data, one can develop a clear understanding of who the audience is, take those learnings and apply them to future marketing initiatives. Companies are planning smarter and executing more successful campaigns because of the deep audience insights that are discovered through programmatic analysis.

It’s no longer about big data these days, but better data. From where people are located to what content they are consuming on the web and on what devices they are using the most, the level of detail that programmatic can foster sets itself apart from any other digital tactic.

Because of these benefits, programmatic buying continues to be on the rise with no sign of stopping in the coming years.

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