Strong company values drives continued success post-Covid

March 14, 2023

There’s no disputing that employees never again want to work in an office five days a week. Work/life balance is the number one employee desire, post-Covid. However, along with this desire, there is also an employee expectation that compensation, learning agenda and work stimulation are equally balanced.

In a company such as ours, employees are our only asset. Our daily behaviors have always focused on exceeding client expectations through creativity, insight and high-performance. To that end, our company values have always been a key driver to client and employee satisfaction.

Many firms can produce great work but differentiating the “how” in how successful content is developed has become even more important, post-Covid. Delivering quality with efficiency, speed and value takes a team that is aligned behaviorally. Strong values form the communal launch pad that a “physical space” once represented.

At TBG, our values has long been:

  • Collaboration: we are a team, internally and externally
  • Transparency: we say it like it is, communicate real-time, and always feel supported to question a theory, situation, teammate or scenario
  • Problem Solving:  we think through solutions, prior to elevating
  • Curiosity: we are  never satisfied with the status quo
  • Efficiency: we believe in the right person, right job, right time

These values have always driven our team; living and breathing them is what ensures we are consistently meeting and exceeding employee and client enthusiasm and satisfaction.