The Changing Landscape of Talent Acquisition in Tech

June 4, 2019

It’s a Candidate’s Market

Today, companies have become more and more dependent on a high-performing workforce.

Talent has become one of the most valuable assets a company has. This is even more pronounced in technology, as innovation and speed to market are paramount. Due to the high demand of top talent, a skills gap has arisen. Diverse talent is even more elusive. Companies of all types – inside and outside of Silicon Valley – are fiercely competing for the best and brightest, turning job seekers into job shoppers. With 5 generations currently in the workforce, there’s never been a more important time to fill the current job needs but actively employ strategies to recruit the younger generations of Millennials and Gen Y to secure your talent pipeline for the future.

What Candidates Seek

Recruiting and job searching have become primarily a digital experience. As a result, candidates expect the same speed and convenience that other digital experiences provide. Younger prospects value culture more than compensation. They’re looking for opportunities that provide mentoring, corporate social responsibility, work/life balance and exposure to subject matter experts vs. HR-only contact. Candidates want to see what it’s really like to work at a company and can spot disingenuous claims. Transparency is valued. Because of these desires, Silicon Valley isn’t always the goal. There’s evidence that the tide may be turning with Silicon Valley losing a bit of its luster. There appears to be an expanded view of desirable companies. You can make a difference in technology in companies from non-profits, to education to local government, among others. Cool beanbags and free lunches don’t offset 18-hour days and only go so far with these job seekers.

The Candidate Journey

The journey from awareness to onboarding is highly digital and no longer linear. Every brand touchpoint is also a recruiting opportunity. Candidates toggle between reviewing social channels, reading company blogs, attending career events, absorbing brand marketing, exploring company websites, watching employee testimonials and comparing company ratings. This approach is vastly different from years ago and thus, traditional marketing approaches no longer work.

A Modern Approach

A siloed Talent Acquisition effort led solely by Human Resources is no longer effective. Successful companies are those that have HR and Brand Marketing working in tandem – to develop an Employer Brand, stemming from the Corporate Brand. Find your company truth and show how it works for all audiences – customers and candidates. This not only ensures messaging consistency, it also provides the biggest impact. Storytelling and thought leadership are key to content creation for attracting candidate prospects. Deploy a blend of modern channels (digital, social, video, etc.) but start with your company’s Careers Pages as the hub. Ensure content is aligned with what candidates seek and give them a real sense of what it’s like to work there. Leveraging employees to tell their stories is also an effective and authentic way to do that.

6 Keys to Talent Acquisition Success – a Job Well Done


Tap into your company truth, highlighting facets that appeal to job seekers


Ensure your approach is candidate-centric focusing on their interests every step of the way


Coordinate efforts between Marketing and HR for consistency and impact


Storytelling and Thought Leadership content is key across all modern distribution channels


Ensure your claims are credible, today’s candidates are savvy and want transparency


Leverage your Current Employees as Ambassadors, Referrers and as an additional Distribution Channel So, ready to enhance the candidate journey? The 7th “C” is where you start – by taking a look inward at CULTURE. Do you have shared values with today’s candidates? Do you have more to offer than beanbags and free lunches? If you offer opportunities for mentoring and exposure to subject matter experts, if your company has a sense of purpose and the ability for employees to make an impact, if you really fulfill on work/life balance and believe in authenticity and act transparently –– you’re in a great position to succeed with today’s job seekers.