What Is It Like To Be Part Of The TBG Family?

April 8, 2020

Whether you’re an employee, client, or UPS delivery person – when you set foot in our agency, you feel it: Energy. Curiosity. Activity. Occasional craziness. A familial atmosphere.

These are the traits we are proud to foster, as they support our ability to work with equally fast-paced, innovative and dynamic clients.

TBG offers a wide range of perspectives. Employees represent four different generations of audience insights – from “OK, Boomers” to Gen X, Millennials to our youngest Gen Z staffers – all of whom contribute significantly to the culture and ideation. Everyone knows to leave no stone unturned to over-deliver on a request, assignment, or client business opportunity.

These attributes and experiences all contribute to the eclectic culture we affectionately call the “land of the fruit and nuts.” The common thread for the members of the TBG tribe? Curiosity – for the world, each other, our industry, or our clients’ industries. Service – ensuring we over-deliver and always add value. Compassion – for each other. And of course, Creativity – in driving content creation and engaging audiences.

It’s a place where no matter your position, ideas are welcomed and shared. It’s a place where different generations mingle and find common ground. It’s a place where the Managing Director welcomes the agency to her home each holiday season and every birthday is celebrated with a handmade card (mostly quite humorous) and a plentiful charcuterie spread.

Above all, it’s a place where ideas are born, developed and celebrated. It’s a place where former clients become new clients again, when they re-engage the agency for a new assignment or advice. It’s a place where half of the staff have been at TBG more than a decade, but continue to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. 

It’s a place we’re all proud to be part of.