Analog Devices

Carving a Next-Gen Niche

The Assignment: Engaging A New Audience

Create a cohesive brand story for Analog Devices that captured the breadth of its technology solutions.

The Challenge

Analog Devices doesn’t build end-products. Rather, their engineers craft technologies that shape end-products—making them safer, greener, faster, more immersive and more fun. Visually representing this offering required nuanced messaging and a visual language that could quickly bring it to life.

Our Solution

Combining photographic footage with complex 3D animation, we were able to represent the ADI engineer, the scope of the company’s innovation and the “magic” inherent in turning that innovation into so many life-changing capabilities.


The combination of a engaging content and targeted digital media yielded 12.3 MM impressions, 9 percent higher than planned. The video secured 9.3 MM completions with a $.02 cost per view, beating YouTube’s benchmark of $.03.  And most importantly, the program drove visibility with new audiences with 92 percent of the site traffic being new visitors.

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