Top Trends in Web & Mobile Design for 2020

January 3, 2020

One of the most fascinating things about digital is that unlike print or video, the landscape and infrastructure are always changing and being reinvented. What wasn’t possible before now is (or soon will be.) Unlike a house where you repaint it or do a small addition, you can literally tear everything down and rebuild to match the latest standards and technologies of the day. I’m looking forward to knocking down some houses in 2020 and rebuilding them even better than before.


Dark Mode

Most mobile users (and desktop as well) have the ability to go with a dark theme. Dark themes make colors pop more, they have a higher contrast ratio, save power & screen life on mobile devices and reduce eye strain. With dark mode the world of William Gibson’s Neuromancer is finally here.


Data Visualization

It’s easier for most people to have their data visualized into something familiar rather than pages and pages of text and numbers. It’s a great opportunity to use eye catching animations with hard-core data to get your point across.



As prices for rights-managed photography continue to be a sticking point for clients, more and more are turning to illustrations. Illustration can help marketers craft a singular voice for their clients. In addition to being fresh and new, they can be tailored to the client’s satisfaction and at the same time be considered unique and truly owned by the client in perpetuity. Custom illustrations can also extend to website navigation, icons and other elements to really make a site feel unique.


3D Design

With more modern browsers packing more technology and horsepower under the hood of our phones and computers, what was once only the province of gaming, animation and films is now open to everyone without the use of Flash or plugins. Immersive digital environments allow us to game, shop and interact with others in ways never thought possible before.



Micro-interactions are a great way to show a customer the personality of your website, offer useful help and engage them in ways not possible before. For example let’s say you are on a banking website filling out a mortgage application. You could have a small hand or pointer helping you on to the next step, or detecting a long pause, pop up a small micro-interaction asking you if you need help.