Increase enrollment by establishing an evolved brand story that communicates how the school is uniquely supporting students who see nutrition as a way to change the world.

The Assignment: Evolved Brand Presence

Leveraging the brand to Increase awareness of Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition and better generate interest and connect with prospective students, drive qualified leads, retain engagement, and ultimately, increase enrollment.

The Challenge

The Friedman School’s prospective students are quite unique – they are seeking advanced degrees in nutrition as a way to make a greater impact on societal issues. Historically these students discovered the school through word-of-mouth, but to meet the increased enrollment goals the school needed to expand its reach, while still focusing on students that meet certain academic and career goals.

Our Solution

First we developed a targeting strategy based on prospective students’ goals across three personas; research minded, career advancement and those interested in nutrition policy.

Then we found an ownable message that captured what made the School of Nutrition unique. “Don’t Just Study Nutrition. Advance It.” taps into the passions behind students wanting to advance their nutrition careers but also demonstrate the vast ways in which an individual can progress.

Next, we used online video, banners and social media to reach the right student audience through behavioral and geo-targeting, driving them to a microsite that allowed them to ‘shop’ the various nutrition programs.

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