Increasing enrollment by establishing an evolved brand story to communicate how the school is uniquely enabling students to change the world through nutrition. 

The Assignment

Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy was seeing a stagnation in inquiries and enrollments and traced it back to two causes:

  1. Prospective students largely heard about the program through word of mouth, which wasn’t providing the School with the reach it needed to grow.
  2. It was hard for students to navigate the 15+ degrees and certifications offered and understand how they could apply these to a career path.

After talking to students and professors, TBG realized:

  1. Students aligned to one of three different mindsets based on their main areas of interest: research, career advancement, and advocacy.
  2. Prospective students saw nutrition as a path to transform the world, in both big and small ways.

Our Solutions

TBG focused creative efforts on appealing to students’ belief in nutrition as the key to meaningful impact. We  then developed an online experience using student career path mindsets to organize the Tufts School of Nutrition and Policy’s messaging and program information. This made it easier for prospective students to understand the power of a degree from the School and which program was right for them.

To amplify the School’s reach, TBG looked at current enrollment and admissions data to identify key markets and demographics. This allowed us to deliver a targeted digital strategy that maximized the budget investment, creating the School’s longest-running sustained media campaign to date.

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