The Assignment

Samaritans is an organization dedicated to suicide prevention and helping those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Each year they host the Breakfast for Hope event, where they celebrate their volunteers and supporters, highlight the impacts they have made over the past year, and raise funds to support the cause.

Starting in 2022, TBG has partnered with Samaritans to produce an annual video aligning to the overall theme of the breakfast to kick it off.

Our Solutions

In 2022, the focus of the event was on the need to break the stigma of suicide and mental health, starting with the youngest and most vulnerable age groups. The aim of the opening video was to showcase a day in the life of a teen and how everyday stress can impact their mental health.

To tell this story, TBG interviewed Samaritan’s volunteers and learned about how suicide has affected them, how they are breaking the stigma around mental health, and how social media has impacted them differently from older generations. The result was an emotional video that showcased the problems young people can face while offering a hopeful message to those who may be struggling.

2022 Opening Video

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In 2023, the focus shifted to thinking about suicide prevention differently. The theme of the breakfast was “Community & Connection is Suicide Prevention.”

TBG filmed Samaritans volunteers on-site to capture the stories of marginalized groups as well as those that the audience may not think of as at risk for suicide: the Latin American community, LGBTQ+ youth, veterinarians, truck drivers, and more. The video shined a new light on how these groups can be at risk, how to think about suicide prevention differently, and how the community can engage with and support those in need.

2023 Opening Video

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