Helping to Drive Diversity in Today’s Space Work Force

The Assignment

Space Workforce 2030 is an initiative where 30 A&D organizations have come together with the goal of creating a strong, vibrant, diverse workforce in the space industry. This is critical to keeping the US as a leading innovator in the sector.

To support its National Space Internship initiative, Aerospace led this consortium tasked with recruiting 3,000+ interns from diverse backgrounds, along with increasing the overall awareness of the program. The unique aspect of the Space Workforce 2030 is interns can apply to all 30 companies with just one application, and later be automatically re-enrolled in the internship pool if they were not immediately selected.

The Audience

Focused on driving applications from Gen Z college students focused on STEM and engineering. This is the most diverse generation and a truly unique group of young people. 

They have watched their parents navigate the Great Recession, making them financially pragmatic. Furthermore, they generally spend large amounts of hours online as one of the first generations always connected to the internet. Career-wise, they don’t want to be put in a box, yet they also want a company that can offer safety and stability.

Our Solutions

TBG ran a media mix including paid search, programmatic video, and LinkedIn posts; we reached the audience in each segment of the funnel, from awareness through to engagement, driving traffic directly to the registration web page.

Messaging focused on introducing the program, highlighting the well-known companies in a snapshot, and driving interns to apply before registration closed, creating a sense of urgency for the applicants.

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