WIN Waste Innovations

Creating a Single Brand for a 10-Company Merger

The Assignment: New Brand Identity

Create a brand strong enough to encapsulate the diverse offerings of every company included in the merger—and unique enough to carve out a bold space in a crowded market. The brand platform needed to support the new company’s vertical integration strategy and help it become a leading regional waste services provider—from the curb to the grid.

The Challenge

While some customers prioritize service and reliability from a waste management company, others focus on broader issues like sustainability. Developing a brand that effectively balanced and supported all these messages wouldn’t be easy. And getting employees with loyalty to their legacy companies to understand and embrace the new brand vision would also be a tough task.

Our Solution

With the name WIN Waste Innovations, we were able to unify a broad set of capabilities into a cohesive brand promise while positioning the new company as an industry innovator. The use of red as the primary color ensured an ownable, instantly recognizable brand. And with the tagline “Performance for The Planet,” we were able to capture the new company’s commitment to both service and sustainability.


346 vehicles. 14 different container, dumpster and bin sizes. Multiple facilities. An engaged workforce coming together as one team, excited about the new company and eager to live its values every day. The brand rollout was broad, swift and comprehensive—and successfully established WIN as a unique player in the space.

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